To all Psy206 students- This message is for those of you who will choose to fulfill the Psy206 research requirement by participating in a research study in the Psychology Department using the Sona-Systems sign up system. In the next week there will be a number of studies appearing for you to participate in. This is just to inform you of a few important considerations to keep in mind when you participate in the research projects.
1) It is critical to show up on time for the studies, as they have to start on time for methodological reasons.
2) It is an enormous inconvenience to the students and faculty doing research if you show up late or don't show at all. If you show up even a few minutes late, the researchers have a right not to run you at all. If you don't show up, it will be taken as an indication that you are not interested in the study and the researchers have a right to not reschedule you. If there is an emergency, contact the researchers and let them know. Their contact information is available on the study's webpage on this site, and may be on your timeslot info.
3) Please bring a picture ID to the study.
4) You cannot sign up for or participate in a study which is being run by researchers (principal investigator or co-investigators)with whom you have or have had some sort of personal or financial relationship. This is an ethics issue. The researchers are listed on the study website page.
5) If you have login problems with the sign up system, most of the time you are using a password that is incorrect. Some of the time the security/privacy settings of the particular computer you are working at are not compatible with the system. If you have double checked your password, and also tried to login at a different computer and are still having difficulties, then please email me and I will help you out.
6) If the researchers don't show up at the study time, or if you have any other problems regarding a study you have signed up for or participated in, please contact me ( or 661-1643).

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